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Media Revolution Over the past 15 years, digital recording technology combined with Internet distribution technologies has completely changed the film-making process, distribution and copyright ownership. Content is art Artist can elect to remove studios, labels and publishers from the creative process. Filmmakers, musicians and writers can have total creative control while also using today's technologies to reach the world with content.
"If a tree falls in a forest..."
Who watched it fall? Recording and distribution trends are revolutionary, but how do filmmakers build audiences and get paid for their content?
Distribution costs are reducing while screens for viewing are increasing.
Recording costs are reducing while recording quality is increasing.
Solution: - AT&T, Apple, Amazon, Conde Nast, NetFlix, Hulu and scores more have the entered content creation business the with various degrees of success. - There are also brands seeking to use on-line videos for sales, marketing and training. - Independent artists are working feverishly to find self-distribution models that can support a living wage. - There are scores of large companies with a growing needs for content creators.